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When Harriet’s husband, Nick, throws in his safe, but boring job in order to set up a new business during the current recession, Harriet is distraught. More so when she realises Amanda, her and best friend Grace's old enemy from school is Nick’s new boss’s wife and will be accompanying Nick on his business trips to Italy. How will Nick not succumb to the ruthless charms of the utterly gorgeous Amanda?  Knowing Nick is being seduced is bad enough, but when Grace falls madly in love with Sebastian, Amanda’s precious, much younger son, it can only mean trouble ahead.


Determined to fight for her man, Harriet’s seduction techniques go into overdrive. Unfortunately she is hampered in her attempts by two bolshy teenagers, an increasingly eccentric mother and a job teaching horrible children. Not to mention something very strange going on at the bottom of her garden!


Can Harriet save her marriage, and also her friendship with Grace? And what will happen if Nick’s new venture fails especially now that Harriet’s worst nightmare appears to be coming true...?





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Lowering her voice so that the three police officers couldn’t hear, Grace whispered, ‘Harriet, could you just moan a bit more like that? You know, pretend you’re in labour as opposed to being in lust, otherwise I’m going to end up with a damned great parking fine…’


So begins a year of madness for Harriet as she goes into labour in Harvey Nichols’ men’s knicker department at exactly the same moment she sets eyes on Alex Hamilton.


Grace, giving birth only two months after Harriet, has her own craziness to contend with and, as both women hurtle down totally unexpected and very different paths, they flounder in a maelstrom of passion and confusion, perilously clinging on as the chain of events threatens not only their comfortable, ordinary lives but also their very existence…


The One Saving Grace continues the story of Grace, Harriet and Amanda begun in Goodness, Grace and Me which reached #1 in Amazon’s Top 100 for Humour in 2014.




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The third irresistible novel from an Amazon UK Humour #1 bestseller - 'an absolutely brilliant read' I Love Smart Books.


Clementine needs to find Lucy before it’s all too late. She also knows bringing up a child on your own down on Emerald Street where the street-walkers ply their trade isn’t easy, even when your daughter’s as adorable as four-year-old Allegra.  So when Peter Broadbent, wealthy, kind and possessed of the most beautiful house Clementine has ever seen, proposes, it seems almost too good to be true. It is…


Looking for Lucy is Julie Houston’s third novel. Goodness, Grace and Me reached #1 in Amazon UK’s Top 100 for Humour in 2014 and The One Saving Grace reached #1 in Amazon UK’s Top 100 for Humour in 2015 as well as #2 overall in Amazon Australia’s bestselling chart.






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